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Bali Travel Tips

Departure Tax
On leaving Bali, every person is obliged to pay a passenger facility service charge Rp150.000 for international flight departure and Rp 30.000 for domestic flight departure
Visa / Passport Validity
Visa requirement differ for each country, kindly check with your local embassy if you may require a visa to enter Indonesia, but please ensure that your passport has a minimum of six months validity from the date of departure.
There is not restriction on import or export of foreign currencies, however,it is prohibited to import or export Indonesian currency exceeding Rp.5.000.000,- The unit of currency is Rupiah (Rp),consists of:
Coins: 5,10,50,100, and 1000
Notes: 100,500,1000,5000,10.000,50.000 and 100.000

Notes: Always check your change at the money changers, use your own calculator, sometimes they have magic calculator and always be the last to count your money, otherwise they drop some down the table, and it’s done very quick, because you will be confusing of our money of so many zeros
Telecommunications Services
Bali is linked via satellite to all major countries in the world and to make an international call can be made from any private house, business center, hotel or telecommunication center .Dial 001 or 008 then you country code and the telephone number. Internet service can be done in a place called ‘’Warnet’’ that exist in all major tourist resort
Indonesia is divided into three time zones with Bali on central Indonesia standard time which is Greenwich Mean Time plus eight hours.
Business Hours
Government officers open from 07..00 hrs-1400 hrs on Monday-Thursday, while on Friday they are open from 07.00 hrs-11.00 hrs, for Saturday and Sunday are closed. Local shop are open seven days a week from 09.00 hrs-18.00 hrs while big store, department store and supermarkets open from 09.00 hrs-21.00 hrs.
Bali is known as a treasure house of interesting goods, splendid local hand-woven materials, silver and gold works, woodcarving, paintings, garments. But be careful because you have two options to buy things here, the good and real one and the fake one, don’t pay for the fake one with the good and real thing price
Dangers And Annoyances
Theft is not an enormous problem, but visitors do lose things from unlocked hotel rooms or from the beach. Always lock your room, even at night. Valuable items should be checked with reception or, if not needed, left in a security box. There are also some pickpockets and snatch thieves ,so hang on to your bag and keep your money belt under your shirt.
Water Safety
The surf can be very dangerous, with a strong current on some tides, lifeguards patrol swimming area of the beach, indicated be red-and-yellow flags. If they say the water is ro rough or unsafe to swim, they mean it.
Don’t swim outside designated area on the beach, current can be strong, swim between the red and tallow flags only.
Don’t to drugs, it can be carry the death fenalty, and there are many foreigners residing in Bali courtesy of the government prison service.
Don’t touch people’s head, it is impolite to the Balinese.
Don’t enter a temple during menstruation. Sorry ladies!
Don’t forget to look and listen the while you cross the road, cars may stop but motorbikes may not Don’t sit higher than the priest or the offering
Dress properly, wear sarong and sash on your waist when entering the Hindu temple, do not walk in front of the congregations who are still praying. It is considered impolite to wear miniskirt, short, and beach wear in the villages, towns, or public faculties and government offices.
Bali lies just 8 degrees south of the equator, therefore light and loose cotton attire is more advisable for the they time, meanwhile a cotton sweater and trousers may be useful in the mountains.
There are mosquitoes in Bali but no malaria or rabies cases reported for the last decade, still the most certain way to avoid it is not to get bitten so bring mosquito repellent along and use it when it is getting dark. Hospital and health centers staffed be well trained doctors and medical assistants are available in major tourist resort. Medicine can be obtained from the local chemist shops called ‘’Apotik’’ in conformity with the doctor’s prescription
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