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Northen of Bali
YOU AREN’T REFUGEES However you say that on your vacation,satisfaction and happiness is one of your ideas to explore wherever tourist distination object you would love to visit.Here in the Nothern part of Bali we have: *LOVINA BEACH. It is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Bali.It has become more and more popular as more foreign tourists visit this charming beach.It is situated about 11 kilometres west of Singaraja.For pure relaxation,this is the place.Most peoples who arrive here are refugees from Kuta,Nusa dua and other crowded tourist distination in Bali.They are want to get away from the rip-offs. There is nice swimming inside at bay of Lovina beach,quite safe if compared to volastile souther coast,the water just laps lazily at the shore,at night fishermen take their lanterns on their boats and fish out all along the sea to the front.Accomodations,restaurants and other facilities are available. *BEROM WATERFALL. The waterfall located in the village of Padang Bulia,about 5 kilometres south of Singaraja,just ask to the driver for parking the car then you’ll see the waterfall immediatelly.Surrounded with green plantation,rice fields,and huge natural swimming pool. *HOT SPRINGS. It is called “Yeh Panas Tirta Nirmala”is situated in Banjar Village approximately 17 kilometres west of Singaraja.The water is widely acclaimed to be able to cure various types of skin diseases. *TEMPLES. There are some wellknown temples in the northern part of Bali such as: 1.Beji temple. Beji temple is situated at village of Sangsit about 6 kilometres east of Singaraja,it is a pura subak or rice irrigation society temple dedicated to the Goddess of agriculture,Dewi Sri.The Beji temple ornaments are considered as one of the best example of Baroque style,because it presents very much details of decoration. In Beji temple,there are two areas rising one behind another,those are central court and inner court.At the central court we will see some kichen building which are used to prepare offerings.And at inner court we will find the God seats which are united and together from one high,rich decorated offerings place,which is typical for monkey forest with one kind of trees,nutmeg trees,found nowhere else in Bali.Because of its mysteriousness,Balinese regard it as a sacred forest.The monkeys living there are also considered sacred. 2.Medue Karang temple. Medue Karang temple or temple of the owner of the land,is situated in Kubutambahan,east of Sangsit village.The temple dedicated to agricultural spirits,but this one look after unirrigated.the temple has been considered as the best temple in Nothern Bali,and is particularly noted for its sculptured panels,including the famous bicycle panel depicting a gentleman riding a bicycle with flower petals for wheels. 3.Pulaki temple. Pulaki temple is situated in Banyupoh village about one and half hours drive from Singaraja into the west part.The temple was built for remember one of Danghyang Nirartha wifes Ida Patni Keniten Saraswati when she had been useenable cause a magic charm from her husband.She asked Mpu Nirartha if she would not able continuing their trip.She has not really enough power.Then Mpu Nirartha gave her “Sulambang Geni “magic charm.Immediately after she use the charm, she became unseen human and then her husband also transforming all of the peoples around there as the guardians of his wife.The peoples whose he had been transform was from east java,so Pulaki means”man guardians”.there is a forest inhabited by thousand monkeys. *EVENT AND FESTIVAL. Wherever you are going to stay in the island of Bali,you will have closer look into the centre of events and festivals which may also you know,such as: 1.KITE FIGHTING. Since along time ago,a kite has not only been played by childrenbut also by adults.In the past time,kites were played in the rice fields to chase the birds disturbing the paddy rice.Based on Balinese mythology,the farmer believed that by playing kites,their crops would be protected by God Siva in his manifestation as the God of Wind.Mean while the kite itself is a symbol of God Siva in his manifestation as Sang Hyang Rare Angon who protect the crops. Nowadays,kite has been played by people all over the world and has become a part of art and culture.It has been widely developed not only in the terms of patterns and ornaments,but also in the way how to play it.In Bali,playing kits are usually perfomed in groups and people who are fond of playing this game will be gather in group namely”sekaa layangan”.In recent time,people play kite not only in the rice field,but also at the square and on the beach. Here in the Nothern part of Bali we use smaller size of kite cause in the some village has far a part from the sea will not so winding,they will play a kite at the periode of Mei till September ended.The people who playing a kite will be fighting theirs againt each other they,re saw in the sky, so in the daily life all of the kites in the sky is enemies of one againts each other,they will use sharped lines.With the sharped line they will tray to cut their enemies in the sky.Not exagration to say if Kites in the Northern part of Bali as a sky war.

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