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Bali province
BALI is devided into 8 REGENCIES and a CAPITAL of Denpasar : DENPASAR CAPITAL Is a capital of Bali which headed by a Governoor ( Mr Made Mangku Pastika), He was the man who investigate the first Bali bombing and all suspects were arrested by him, he was a head of police in Bali too. BADUNG REGENCY This regency is the richest regency cause all hotels and restaurants are located in this area. BULELENG REGENCY North parth of island which has black sanded beaches and Dolphins GIANYAR REGENCY This regency is famous of their art ,each village they have their own craft, Batu Bulan village(Batik factory made by hand), Celuk village(silver Jewelry made by hand), Mas village (wood carving made by hand),Ubud (painting gallery) BANGLI REGENCY Further inland the weather is cooler. Plots abound with sweet potato, peanut, corn and spices. A high kulkul drum tower marks the entrance to Bangli, capital of a kingdom descended from the early Gelgel dynasty. The largest and most sacred temple of the district is Pura Kehen, the terraced mountain sanctuary and state temple of Bangli. KARANGASEM REGENCY Crossing a wide, solidified lava flow which year by year is slowly being brought back to cultivation, you enter Amlapura, the main town of Karangasem regency. The former kingdom was founded during the weakening of the Gelgel dynasty late in the 17th century, and became in the late 18th and early 19th centuries the most powerful state in Bali. Puri Agung Karangasem long served as the residence of these kings, who extended their domain across the eastern straits to the island of Lombok. The puri's austere, three-tiered gate, penetrating the thick walls of red brick, is a notable introduction to Karangasem architecture. JEMBRANA REGENCY Buffalo races TABANAN REGENCY This regent is famous of their rice fields KLUNGKUNG REGENCY As the seat of the Dewa Agung, nominally the highest of the old Balinese rajas, Klungkung holds a special place in the island's history and culture. As artistic centers, the palaces of Klungkung's rajas and noblemen patronized and developed the styles of music, drama and the fine arts that flourish today. The capital was shifted to Klungkung from nearby Gelgel in 1710, and a new palace built

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