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Bali Culture

Legong Dance
Meant to be performed by three pre adolescent girls. Wrapped in golden costumes, crowns of frangipani shaking with their delicate movements, the two legong dancer and their servant perform a story who captured the princess and, rather than let her go, fight her brother, despite the warning of a bird than he will die
Frog Dance
A childless married couple prayed intensely and were blessed with a son, except that he had the body of a frog. When he grew up, he dreamed he’d marry a princess, bravely he approached the king and asked for one of the king’s daughters for a marriage. The king ordered his soldiers to kill the frog, but he had supernatural powers protected himself from those who would like to kill him. Finally, the king allow him to marry the princess and the frog turned into a handsome man
The mask dance, the dancer heve to imitate the character their mask indicates their playing. The topeng tua, the classic solo dance where the mask is that of an old man and requires the performer to dance like a creaky old gentleman. Another mask dance is Jauk, the dancer plays an evil demon, his mask an eerie with bulging eyes, fixed smile and long wavering fingernails.
Gamelan Lesson

Learn how to play Balinese orchestra ‘’Gamelan’’with an experienced instructor, each lesson lasts for two hours

Kecak Dance
We go to the Temple of Uluwatu (A life temple with monkeys) to see a kecak or a mokey dance, played by crowd of people using their chorus to perform a spectacular Balinese Dance tel us the love story of Rama and Sita. It tell about the demon king called Rahwana kidnap Sita, Rama’s wife, finally there is a fighting between them.the dance ends with the trance dance of Shanghyang Jaran, a dancer use a horse look like doll dance and walk on a fire burn t from the husk of coconut, it starts at 18.00 hours and last one hour.
Barong Dance
The trip go to village to see one of the Balinese cultural show called Barong dance tell us about the fighting between Barong, four leg mythological creature animated by two men representing good against Rangda, a scaring faced person representing evil. In Bali, we believe that the two contrast thing always exist together in our life. This dance is accompanied by ‘’Gamelan’’ a traditional percussion orchestra and in the end of the dance, there is a ‘’Kris’’ dance, the dancers use a short sword kill themselves without wounded
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